Respect: Teaching you to teach your team.

May 31, 2023

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It’s one thing to accept responsibility for the conflict in your own life, but it’s a whole different can-of-worms to take on responsibility for managing conflict for a team of individuals.

When we find ourselves in a position of leadership, the ideas we put forth have an outsized effect. Case and (kind of) point: changing coffee brands stocked in the office kitchen is not quite the same as switching up your beans at home. It impacts all the caffeine lovers you work with – and even those who aren’t into coffee, because the altered vibes of the undercaffeinated will surely affect them secondhand.

And while coffee makes the world go round, so too does the training an employee receives: the skills and knowledge garnered cascade outwards, creating a company culture bigger than any one person.

This means that our choices around employee training have a lot of potential. This can be bad news: one misguided decision can be amplified in its not-so-great results. This can also be good news, because by the same measure the beneficial impact of a well-considered choice is also magnified.

Like it or not, decisions have more weight when matched with a larger circle of influence.

Are you a leader in a group that is struggling with disrespect amongst the ranks? You’re not alone, and we can help shift from the bad news situation to the good news one – while simultaneously establishing a respectful foundation for everyone to stand upon thereafter.

Conflict is as unique as each of us – different contexts and circumstances require different ways to address the needs around each of them. It begs the question: if we all play different roles and everything is so situational, what do I do?

Are you an individual? Great! There are many things that each of us can do to arm ourselves with tools to tackle conflict that naturally arises on a personal level. You can solve your own problems, which is empowering in the face of challenge.

Are you part of an organization? Also good. Wherever we may be in the pecking order, we can play our part in the drama of disrespect as best we can (as the target, source, observer, or authority) – a bottom-up or lateral approach.

Are you a leader or part of their support team? This is an area of amplified impact with potential to be embraced. It’s important to ensure a healthy top-down culture within a company / team / organization, thereby avoiding unnecessary costs of disrespect in the workplace.

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A collective effort is required to shift company culture. When developing our online course, Building a Respectful Workplace, we designed it to be accessible to all – regardless of one’s role in the hierarchy (read about it’s fit here). In fact, the course makes a very convenient component of an employee onboarding process.

However, sometimes we need a little more specificity. In addition to the standalone course, there is the option to add on a training bundle that is specifically designed for companies and consultants to offer this training live and in-person. In reaping the rewards of this training, why not go all the way? There is added value and depth in going through the exercises as a team, while offering an opportunity to embody mutual support in dealing with uncomfortable situations.

The upgraded training package that we have available for trainers includes access to the aforementioned online webinar, plus all the digital manuals and training notes (timeline, activities, etc) for you to implement this course as part of what is already offered internally.

To make this add-on option truly effective, we insist on getting to know you and your organization a little bit first. This allows us to custom tailor the training to your needs. As such, the upgrade isn’t listed in our online store, but the path to completing the package is simple:

  1. Open a conversation by sending us a message (through our contact form (or email us directly) and tell us a bit about yourself and your needs.
  2. We collaborate on tailoring the training to you and your workplace.
  3. You lead your own in-person Building a Respectful Workplace training with resounding success!

The most important step is to begin the conversation. From there we can work out the next actions to establish a training regimen for you – integrating with existing policies and extending new ones. In the process, we’ll figure out the details together so that you can lead your own in-person program, brimming with knowledge and confidence.

Disrespect in the workplace isn’t new, nor are trainings offering ideas to cultivate respectful environments. What makes our course stand apart?

Since 1979, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in mediation and conflict resolution, with an approach grounded in listening and appropriate action. Our tried-and-true methodologies allow issues of disrespect to be dealt with head on before unnecessarily escalation. By placing the emphasis on human relations, we create desirable and productive workplaces – and wise and effective leaders.

Don’t let the little things pile up to become big things. We empower you to empower yourselves. Take hold of the reins. Part of leadership is establishing the healthy foundational practices within the context of the organization so that it can operate smoothly; this training wholeheartedly supports you in doing just that.

We hope to hear from you soon.

If you have questions,
please don’t hesitate to call.


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