Why Assertive Communication Is Important

October 7, 2021

Why Assertive Communication Is Important

Maintaining assertiveness in situations that affect you at an emotional level is something many people lack. It is a skill that can be developed with some practice and proper guidance.

Assertiveness is the ability to express what is important to you and how you feel about it while communicating and behaving in a way that respects and allows the same for the other person.

Assertiveness is relative to the situation and the people involved. It is easier to be assertive in some situations than in others. Moreover, many people find it easier to be assertive with strangers than with their friends while others find it easier to be assertive at home than at work.

Even though maintaining an assertive personality can be risky in some situations, it is up to you to create a balance. Individuals who are unable to communicate effectively and assertively run the risk of facing a wide array of potential problems, including anxiety, depression, ill health, increased stress, lack of job-related success, and difficulties in relationships.

Being assertive helps you build self-esteem and self-confidence. It can mean disagreeing with others and setting limits when necessary. This makes assertive communication extremely important to succeed in both your professional and personal life.

Passive Behaviour Might Portray You As Timid

Many people take the passive approach toward arguments and situations in real life. Due to this, they seem shy or overly easygoing. If you say things such as “I’ll just go with whatever the group decides,” it shows you are trying to avoid conflict.

While many believe it is good to avoid conflict, just going with whatever everyone else decides sends a message that your thoughts and feelings are not as important as those of other people. In essence, when you are too passive, you give others the license to disregard your wants and needs.

For example, If you say yes when a colleague asks you to take over a project, even though you are already busy, just because you are too shy or nice to say no will unintentionally give away the message that your personal life does not matter. The additional load will force you to work overtime and hence, you will miss any personal commitments.

You should know how to convey your needs and requirements without coming off as offensive or aggressive. At Mediation Services we have several courses that can help you to develop skills to communicate more effectively.

Aggressive Behaviour Puts You Across As A Bully

If you are not passive but are rather aggressive when it comes to communicating your needs and requirements, you may come across as a bully who disregards the needs, feelings, and opinions of others.

People might believe that you are self-righteous or feel superior to others. They might feel humiliated and intimidated by your presence. Aggression undercuts trust and mutual respect. Others may come to resent you, leading them to avoid or oppose you.

If you are too aggressive when communicating how you feel and what you want, it is time to learn to be assertive. There is nothing wrong with communicating how you feel, you just have to do it the right way.

Meditation Services offers detailed courses and online training programs to help you improve your communication skills.

Benefits Of Being Assertive

Being assertive is a healthier communication style. It prevents you from letting people take advantage of you and also stops you from acting like a bully to others. Some of the benefits of being assertive include:

  • It makes you sound confident
  • It helps you build self-esteem
  • You are able to understand and recognize your feelings
  • You earn respect from others
  • It helps you improve your overall communication skills
  • You appear more honest and transparent
  • You are able to set boundaries for your own good
  • You will be able to argue and delegate in a better way

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