Court Diversion: Restorative Action Centre

Our Restorative Action Centre works with individuals who have committed an offence and with the individual(s) against whom the harm was done.

We are a legally recognized alternative to court and currently receive 300- 500 referrals from the Manitoba court system each year.

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Workshops: Online & On-Site Training

  • Conflict is Inevitable
  • It's part of every aspect of our lives.
  • From our workplaces, to our homes and to our social lives.
  • But it doesn't have to be debilitating!
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Mediation Services was established in 1979 as a project of Mennonite Central Committee Manitoba in response to a concern both for people victimized by crime and for the high number of people being incarcerated in Canada.

We began developing a new process in 1983 to refer select pre-trial court cases to mediation. This eventually led to a youth mediation project and an increased number of referrals from the justice system.

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