Incident Based Mediation | Formerly titled 'Victim Offender Mediation'

Incident Based Mediation | Formerly titled 'Victim Offender Mediation'


This interactive training demonstrates the value of alternative dispute resolution as it relates to harmful incidents. Rooted in a restorative approach to conflict, participants will learn intervention techniques to effectively address the harm created by a violation, act of disrespect or crime.


This training will focus on frameworks for understanding conflict and justice, developing advanced communication skills, and practicing an incident based mediation model. Following this workshop, participants will be familiar with processes that meet both the short term and long term needs of those directly involved in the situation as well as the interests of their communities.


Throughout the training, concepts are taught and then experienced using a combination of lecture, stories, discussion, exercises, case studies and role play.

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Learning Objectives:


Participants will increase their awareness of the experience of harmful behaviour on victims, offenders and the community by exploring retributive, restorative and transformative forms of justice.


Participants will develop their capacity to support individuals who are harmed by offensive behaviour in the role of third party facilitator by learning and practising an incident based mediation model.


Participants will enhance their communication skills by practicing active listening, assertive communication and asking effective questions in the role of third party facilitator.


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