Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices


Wondering how to maintain accountability with students, without creating tension and distance?

Interested in integrating restorative practices into the classroom?

Developed for schools, Restorative Practices is about responding to harm and conflict in ways that build connection and learning rather than causing shame and isolation.

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Restorative Practices are a collection of approaches designed to restore and build relationships particularly in the wake of conflict and harm. They generate social capital and promote social discipline through participatory processes. Using restorative approaches provides important opportunities for the development of social skills and positive values.

This workshop will explore what it means to work within a restorative mindset and how this can be realized in your schools. You will have the opportunity to enhance your communication skills and learn models that aid in the application of a restorative approach. Restorative practices provide frustrated parents and educators alike with new strategies for effectively addressing challenging behaviors and the issues which underlie them.