Mediation Skills 2

Mediation Skills 2


How do I strengthen and deepen my understanding and capacity with the concepts, skills and models introduced in the first level of training?

How do I respond to those unique variables and challenging moments that inevitably aris in the course of doing mediation?

Participants will enhance their skills in the art of preparing for and carrying out mediation. Some additional skills and frameworks relating to screenings, assessments, and dealing with other “in person” challenges will be explores.

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Building on mediation skills, learned in the Level 1 course, participants will enhance their skills in the context of challenging case studies. Additional frameworks and skills related to screening and assessment and for addressing a host of other challenges that inevitably arise in mediation will also be explored. Experienced mediators provide coaching and feedback throughout the course.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Mediation and Mediation Skills 1

Course Objectives

Participants attending this workshop will have the opportunity to:

  • Deepen their understanding and capacity to use the comprehensive model for intervening in multi-incident conflict introduced in Mediation Skills 1 (from initial assessment, to coaching, mediation, and closure)

  • Strengthen their capacity to conduct both case development and mediation processes that, in turn, draw heavily on skills and concepts learned in Introduction to Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills 1

  • Explore, as time permits, additional frameworks and skills for addressing challenging situations such as: when the leader who called you in is seen to be a contributor in the conflict, when parties have a lengthy history of unaddressed tensions, and/or parties are initially reluctant to participate

  • Continue to improve interpersonal listening, leadership, and assertiveness skills in the role of a third-party mediator