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+ Core Courses

(requirements for all 3 of our certificate programs)
Introduction to Conflict Resolution
Dealing with Anger
Coaching for Resolution

+ Mediation Skills Courses

(requirements for our Mediation Skills certificate programs)
Introduction to Mediation
Mediation Skills I
Mediation Skills II
Mediation Practice

+ Leadership Skills Courses

(requirements for our Leadership Skills certificate programs)
Managing Unresolvable Problems
Building a Respectful Workplace
Effective Feedback
Mediation Skills for Leaders

+ Conflict Management Skills Courses

(requirements for our Conflict Management certificate programs)
Cultural Diversity, Communication and Conflict
Effective Feedback
Mediation Skills for Leaders

+ Electives

(optional courses of study)
Assessing Your Organization
Assertive Communication
Building Personal Resilience
Communication at Work
Generations at Work
High Stakes Conversations
Incident Based Mediation (Formerly Victim/Offendor Mediation)
Leading Others Through Organization Change
Managing Ourselves Through Change
Strengths-Based Approaches in the Workplace
Transforming the Argument
Making Truth and Reconciliation Real

From the boardroom, to our communities, to the schoolyard; Conflict is inevitable. But it doesn’t have to be crippling or terrifying. Whether you want to get that promotion, work on your personal skills, or be better at helping friends, family and colleagues; we have courses designed to make conflict easier to navigate.

I have participated in courses at Mediation Services and found their staff to be welcoming and their instructors well-experienced and effective. I came away from the courses with practical advice and processes that I could immediately put into practice. I would highly recommend that everyone take their courses!
— - Judy Murphy, Certified Executive Coach

Featured Courses

Introduction to Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Difficult People

Why are we scared when dealing with conflict?

How can I overcome that?

Introduction to Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Difficult People is our foundational course, that all other courses are built on. For this reason we highly recommend that this be the first course you take from us.

Find out how to transform conflict into something positive, while proactively preventing unnecessary future conflict from happening.

Dealing with Anger: Managing Anger in Yourself and Others

Why are we angry during conflicts?

What exactly is anger anyways, and why do we feel it?

How can I deal with someone who is angry?

How do I stay calm so I don’t say something I’ll regret?

Explore what anger is, and productive ways to manage and respond to it, both within yourself and others.

Making Truth and Reconciliation Real: Understanding and Implementing the TRC Calls to Action

This course is designed to build knowledge and inspire the change needed to work toward reconciliation.



Whether you’re looking to improve your resume, decorate your office with achievements, or to gain a full set of tools to help you get through life or a career, we offer 3 different certificates.

Leadership Skills Certificate: Offering the tools and resources geared towards creating a happier and more productive workplace, or simply to advance a career.

Conflict Management Certificate: Offering the tools needed to live a life where conflict is seen less of as a barrier and more so as an opportunity for positive change and transformation.

Mediation Skills Certificate: Equipping people who are responsible to deal with other people’s conflicts with the tools needed to take on the task.

Registration fee: $50

(this is an administrative fee that does not cover any course enrollment)

16 days of training

Can choose one of the three certificate programs we offer.

Registration fee: $100

(this is an administrative fee that does not cover any course enrollment)

26 days of training

Can choose any two programs from the list of three.