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Introduction to Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Difficult People

Why are we scared when dealing with conflict?

How can I overcome that?

Introduction to Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Difficult People is our foundational course, that all other courses are built on. For this reason we highly recommend that this be the first course you take from us.

Find out how to transform conflict into something positive, while proactively preventing unnecessary future conflict from happening.

Assertive Communication: Building Confidence and Respect

Do you struggle with being assertive?

Are you lacking the confidence and self-esteem to communicate effectively?

Do you find yourself blowing up and then regretting it?

People often struggle with finding a balance between passive and aggressive communication. Assertive communication is expressing what you believe and how it can be achieved in a way that is strong, open, tactful and effective, and also allows the other to respond.

Making Truth and Reconciliation Real: Understanding and Implementing the TRC Calls to Action

This course is designed to build knowledge and inspire the change needed to work toward reconciliation.

Mediation Skills for Leaders: Best Practices for Managing Employee Conflict

What can I do about conflict as a leader?

What should I do if my employees, or people who report to me, are not getting along?

Considered best practices for managers and supervisors dealing with employee conflict. Learn to be proactive and effective in regards to managing and leading others through conflict. Learn how to facilitate a mediation session between two people with whom you have a relationship and where you are not necessarily neutral or where you clearly have a vested interested in the outcome.

Dealing with Anger: Managing Anger in Yourself and Others

Why are we angry during conflicts?

What exactly is anger anyways, and why do we feel it?

How can I deal with someone who is angry?

How do I stay calm so I don’t say something I’ll regret?

Explore what anger is, and productive ways to manage and respond to it, both within yourself and others.

Cultural Diversity, Communication and Conflict: Embracing the Challenge of Intercultural Communication

Formerly titled: Culture and Conflict

Are cultural differences and/or misunderstandings causing conflicts at work?

Cultural diversity is a universal reality. So is conflict. Knowing how to deal within a culturally diverse world will increase your success at work and in your relationships. Learn how to recognize the cultural elements in conflict and gain a framework for working in cross-cultural settings.

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