Human Resources Strategic Opportunities

With the costs associated with poor productivity, employee grievances and staff turnover, it is no surprise that having a strong Human Resources team is so important for businesses and organizations.

At Mediation Services we can help.

For you:

Are you finding yourself in a situations where you wish you had more Mediation training? Maybe you want to build confidence and skills in your leadership, or perhaps develop better conflict management skills.

If something like this might be what you need, don’t hesitate to book! If you have a questions that need answering first, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.

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For your staff:

Sometimes even a highly valuable staff member can cause a few too many headaches for their co-workers and the HR department. Consider sending your staff to participate in some of our professional development courses where they will:

Learn better conflict management skills

Understand their role in building and maintaining a respectful workplace

Better understand requirements around cultural sensitivity

Build personal resiliency

If you have more than one staff who could benefit, we can set up a customized training at your organization or in one of our on-site training rooms. We want to help you build the capacity of your entire group of staff, and improve your workplace environment.

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“I have participated in courses at Mediation Services and found their staff to be welcoming and their instructors well-experienced and effective. I came away from the courses with practical advice and processes that I could immediately put into practice. I would highly recommend that everyone take their courses!” - Judy Murphy, Certified Executive Coach

“Excellent training programs--I owe a big part of my career success to Mediation Services!” - Brian Barth, UBC

“Well organized workshops to provide training in conflict resolution in a concise yet simple process” - Gerry Friesen, Mediator

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Featured Courses:

Mediation Skills for Leaders: Best Practices for Managing Employee Conflict

What can I do about conflict as a leader?

What should I do if my employees, or people who report to me, are not getting along?

Considered best practices for managers and supervisors dealing with employee conflict. Learn to be proactive and effective in regards to managing and leading others through conflict. Learn how to facilitate a mediation session between two people with whom you have a relationship and where you are not necessarily neutral or where you clearly have a vested interested in the outcome.

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Building a Respectful Workplace: Prevent and Resolve Conflict at Work

Why do I dread going to work?

How can the workplace be a safer and happier place?

Looking at the roles and responsibilities of all people in the workplace to build a happy, safe and productive environment.

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Introduction to Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Difficult People

Why are we scared when dealing with conflict?

How can I overcome that?

Introduction to Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Difficult People is our foundational course, that all other courses are built on. For this reason we highly recommend that this be the first course you take from us.

Find out how to transform conflict into something positive, while proactively preventing unnecessary future conflict from happening.

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