Often times, in the fast paced world of hospitality, workplaces are finding themselves dealing with high staff turnover, low staff moral, high rates of harassment cases and much, much, more.

For managers, human resources and workers alike, this can make your work environment incredibly stressful. Don’t wait to sign up and send your staff to our Building a Respectful Workplaces Training.

The facilitators are top notch and each session is bursting with great information and the opportunity to practice newly learned techniques. Highly recommended to improve communication at home, at work, with friends and out in your community!”

“I came away from the courses with practical advice and processes that I could immediately put into practice. I would highly recommend that everyone take their courses!

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Workshops take place at 302-1200 Portage Avenue.

Building a Respectful Workplace: Prevent and Resolve Conflict at Work

Why do I dread going to work?

How can the workplace be a safer and happier place?

Looking at the roles and responsibilities of all people in the workplace to build a happy, safe and productive environment.

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