FEBRUARY 13, 2019 - Agenda

Regrets: Bonnie Emerson, Kyle Giesbrecht, Barb Boyko

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ED Report and Updated Org Chart

Financial Report - December 2018 Balance Sheet

Financial Report - December 2018 Profit & Loss (all)

Financial Report - Profit & Loss (Training)


  1. Board Recruitment & Development Committee - Agenda Items:
    - Come prepared to declare your intentions as to whether you are returning to the Board next year
    - We recommend 2 PD topics to occur at regularly scheduled Board meetings before June: 1 - Consensus Decision Making and 2 - Overview of Financial Statements and Expectations of the Board relative to financial oversight
    - Review proposed (below) Mediation Services Board checklist for an ideal board and come prepared to speak to anything you think must be added/removed

2. Governance Committee Meeting notes - Jan 8, 2019 | Feb 7, 2019

Strategic Statements - Resolution