I would recommend Mediation Services to anyone having conflict with a neighbour. It’s a neutral place where you can express your feelings, hear the other person and come to a resolution together. We now have an open line of communication with our neighbour and it’s thanks to Mediation Services.
— Former Neighbourhood Conflict Client

Family Conflict

Are family conflicts destroying your family dynamic?

Are you ready to reach out for that help needed to bring restoration to a relationship?

We can help families with a variety of conflicts and challenges including parent-teen conflict, adult sibling conflict, elder care, and co-parenting.* Please note that we are not an emergency service. If your matter is urgent please call the police or mobile crisis unit if applicable.

*Although we do not provide divorce and separation mediation we can help separated parents with facilitated conversations around changes to their parenting plan and challenges around communication.

Here’s a snapshot of a few methods we use:

Once an application is submitted a caseworker will contact the parties involved to get a better understanding of their perspective on the conflict. All parties will have independent contact with the caseworker prior to joint conversations. For family matters often parties have many topics or issues they’d like to discuss. Caseworkers help the parties to focus on the issues that are most important to them. In the first one or two mediation sessions time will be spent looking back at past key conflicts with the goal of also having a future focused conversation afterward.

The goals for mediation are defined by the parties and may include strategy for future communication, clarified expectations, a greater understanding of past events and intentions, and schedules or time lines for commitments made.

Fees: Our services are covered in part by United Way, and donations are appreciated. In certain matters we charge a small fee, which is negotiable based on need.

To find out if we can help you with your specific situation please call us at 204-925-3410.

To fill out our family intake application, please click here:

Due to recent influx of requests, our current wait time is 6-8 weeks.

If you would prefer to speak to someone in our office,

contact our Intake Line at 204 228-7105.


Neighbourhood and Community Conflict

Do you have a neighbor that you just simply can’t get along with?

Are you interested in reaching out for resources to make your home and community truly feel like a home and community?

Conflict within our communities is natural, and can often benefit from intervention from a neutral third party.

Neighbourhood conflict encompasses a variety of situations in which individuals from the community find themselves in dispute with each other, regarding issues that may not be addressed by municipal bylaws or the Criminal Code. Some examples of this are property line issues, trees, offensive behaviors, and snow clearing.

Often the issues that are identified above are symptomatic of underlying concerns that can be addressed through mediation. Mediation allows neighbours who are in conflict with each other to discuss their concerns in a neutral and safe environment where they can be heard, and work towards an agreement that works for both of them.

Contact Mediation Services intake line at 204-925-3410 to discuss your concerns with our intake worker. They will forward you the intake application form to fill out and to send back to us. Once we receive the form we will open the file, assign a caseworker and coordinate individual meeting times with both parties. Mediation Services will then conduct a mediation session between the two parties to help them generate understanding of each other’s issues and concerns, and to work towards an agreement. If the parties reach a verbal agreement we can draft a written agreement for them if desired. An agreement established through mediation is a binding document.

Neighbourhood conflict resolution services are offered at no cost to the participants, and donations are always welcome. Contact us for more information.

To fill out our community intake application, please click here:

If you would prefer to speak to someone in our office,

contact our Intake Line at 204 228-7105.


Workplace Conflict

Do you dread going to work?

Not all conflicts can be managed internally. Do you want to reach out for assistance to make work a safer, happier place?

Each year organizations spend thousands of dollars paying individuals on sick leave, fighting grievances, and in hiring new employees because of unaddressed workplace conflict. Often small misunderstandings can grow and escalate to harassment complaints to human resources. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Managing conflict quickly after it arises prevents further escalation and creates opportunities for stronger and healthier working environments.

Often organizations can handle these conflicts on their own, but sometimes an external third party can be extremely valuable. Mediation Services will work with staff management, human resources, directors, and/or board members to address internal workplace conflict. Mediation Services will speak to each of the parties involved in the conflict, determine if mediation is the correct process to pursue, and if applicable we will proceed with a mediation process. If an agreement is reached between the parties a memorandum of understanding can be drafted.

Agreements often include an action plan between parties and how they will conduct themselves at work, guidelines for communication, and ways they will hold each other accountable. Sometimes requests for training in communication or feedback can be outcomes as well. At the conclusion of the process Mediation Services will provide a summary to the employer as well as recommendations for moving forward if applicable.

Contact us for more details and information on fees at 204-925-3410.

To fill out our workplace intake application, please click here:

Due to recent influx of requests, our current wait time is 3 weeks.