Certificate Programs

“Mediation Services is a great institution. I took almost all the courses and loved each one. It provides essential services for conflict resolution. I can't recommend Mediation Services enough!”

“I have participated in courses at Mediation Services and found their staff to be welcoming and their instructors well-experienced and effective. I came away from the courses with practical advice and processes that I could immediately put into practice. I would highly recommend that everyone take their courses!”


Certificate Application Form

If you would like to register for a certificate, please select one of the following:

Registration fee: $50

(this is an administrative fee that does not cover any course enrollment)

16 days of training

Can choose one of the three certificate programs we offer.

Registration fee: $100

(this is an administrative fee that does not cover any course enrollment)

26 days of training

Can choose any two programs from the list of three.


General Info

Whether you’re looking to improve your resume, decorate your office with achievements, or to gain a full set of tools to help you get through life or a career, we offer 3 different certificates.

Leadership Skills Certificate: Offering the tools and resources geared towards creating a happier and more productive workplace, or simply to advance a career.

Conflict Management Certificate: Offering the tools needed to live a life where conflict is seen less of as a barrier and more so as an opportunity for positive change and transformation.

Mediation Skills Certificate: Equipping people who are responsible to deal with other people’s conflicts with the tools needed to take on the task.

Each certificate is 16 days of course work. The certificate is a great way to hone your skills in superior interpersonal relationship and leadership. Certificate holders demonstrate their commitment to life-long learning and have a great additional to their resumes.

Dual certificates are available.