Building Consensus

A note from Jan Schmidt…

Hello MS board members, I have checked in with Julie, Dorie, Dave and Christine in preparation.

Attached (below) is the most recent MS manual for a one day workshop on Consensus.  I would encourage you to peruse the manual and glance at the sections that interest you. Unfortunately, there is not much of a demand for the training so we only offer it externally at this point.  Maybe some day….

Also below are three short videos that I would like you to watch on Consensus (about 6 minutes in total).

  1. Consensus Decision Making :  (1:58 min)

  2. Suggested Process: (2:48)

  3. Key values, attitudes, behavious for Consensus to work: (1:38)

You may also want to visit the groups website as their are good resources:

On Thursday I will share how consensus came to be at the MS board, my experiences, etc.  And I will also try and respond to your questions. If you have specific things you want me to address, you are welcome to send them to me - Office: 204-663-4140.

For the Training Manual PDF, please click HERE.

***3 C’s of decision making article***