Anger Management vs Dealing with Anger

Anger Management courses: Yes, they are an important tool for people to learn about their anger and how to control it. But what if the anger that needs to be dealt with isn’t your own?

Anger is as natural as happiness and sadness. But, at least here in North America, it is seen as one of the more intimidating emotions to confront and manage. This may be why we see Anger Management courses popping up everywhere, but not Sadness Management, Fear Management or Happiness Management (Seriously though, can we make these courses a real thing?).

Now what about when we are in conflict with someone? Conflict management can be difficult and intimidating enough when the emotions are balanced. How we perceive, acknowledge and treat anger in ourselves and others can make conflict that much more difficult to manage and resolve.

A helpful tool we like to use here at Mediation Services is the Perspective Check, to help shift judgement to curiosity:

  1. Name the action (neutrally)

  2. Ask about the person’s intent

  3. Listen & convey understanding

  4. Share effect

Our course, Dealing with Anger, seeks to give you a better understanding of the following:

  • Why we get angry

  • The way our bodies react when we are angry and why people behave differently in response to anger

  • How to gain self-awareness regarding our own beliefs about anger and our patterns of response

  • How to learn to respond more effectively and communicate our own anger

  • Practicing responding effectively to another’s anger using specific communication skills and strategies

  • Increasing our overall confidence about responding to anger on a day-to-day basis in healthy, constructive, and creative ways

If you would like to learn more about this course, please see below:

Dealing with Anger: Managing Anger in Yourself and Others

Why are we angry during conflicts?

What exactly is anger anyways, and why do we feel it?

How can I deal with someone who is angry?

How do I stay calm so I don’t say something I’ll regret?

Explore what anger is, and productive ways to manage and respond to it, both within yourself and others.

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